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About Us

The Bridge is operated by Bygone Theatre with resident partners UKAI Projects and Vodkow.


Our Mission

The Bridge is an anti-disciplinary art space in downtown Toronto that serves artists from all backgrounds by providing infrastructure and support. It is the Bridge between:


  • the past and the future

  • art and technology

  • the extractive and the generative

  • Knowing and unknowing

Building bridges to an unknown culture.

Our Mandate

The world is increasingly defined by ecological and political volatility. We will need art and culture that responds to issues such as climate damage, rising inequality, authoritarianism, and the automation of culture. Instead, we have large arts institutions reliant on the very entities that accelerate these conditions and make our world less livable. 


An artworld beholden to corporate interests and driven by spectacle and commodity is unlikely to be adequate.


The Bridge is a space for research and experimentation to imagine and test modes of cultural production appropriate to this uncertain future. 


What kind of art will we need? What modes of production reflect the changes underway? How do we provide evidence that other ways are possible? 


What is The Bridge? 

The Bridge is a multi-use space that is home to Bygone Theatre (a charity), UKAI Projects (a non-profit) and Vodkow (a for-profit). It consists of several offices, a board room, a self-tape/recording studio, a maker’s space, and a large area we call our “flex space”, which consists of about 3500 sqft featuring seating, a small bar, and a small stage. 

When was it founded? 

While the companies that call it home have been around for much longer, The Bridge was opened in August of 2023. We have a lease there until January 2026. 

Where is it? 

The Bridge is located at 379 Adelaide St. W., on the 4th floor. We take up the entire top floor of the building. We are at the south west corner of Adelaide and Spadina, next to the Dollarama. 

Why does The Bridge exist? 

Our goal is to provide an affordable space for artists from all disciplines to create, experiment and perform. We want to offer a place for classes, workshops, productions and events. Instead of spending years and millions of dollars to create a new purpose-built space, we wanted to make use of what is already in our city: tons of unused office space.  The lease is held by Bygone Theatre, but we started this without any funding, and we are almost entirely volunteer run – that's how we’re able to offer things like $10/hr rehearsal space. 

How can I use The Bridge? 

You can come join us for one of our workshops or events; rent out the space for rehearsals, auditions or performances; and soon will be able to apply to be a part of our residency program. We’re always looking for new ways to get people into and using the space – if you have an idea, reach out

Is The Bridge accessible?  

Unfortunately, no, not for those who require mobility devices. The Bridge is over 100 years old and is built in an odd way – you need to be able to climb a flight of stairs before reaching the elevator, and the hallways and bathrooms upstairs are not wide enough to be AODA compliant. That said, we are committed to being as accessible as possible, so we are focused on other ways we can be an inclusive space. We have free sanitary items (tampons, pads) in our men’s and women’s washrooms; have provided harm-reduction supplies at certain events; offer the lowest prices in the city for rehearsal rentals; and are in the process of setting up our stage area to be able to record and/or stream performances, so people can watch from home. 

Meet The Team

Our Partners and Sponsors

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